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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance and Cleaning

Tips Keep Your Motorcycle in Top Condition - Ride Your Bike with Pride

No doubt, today motorcycles create a great fashion statement and at the same time, they speak a lot about the rider’s personality. So, it’s become imperative for a bike rider to learn the tips on motorcycle maintenance and cleaning. A motorcycle which is popularly called as bike is a two wheeler, engine powered, single track vehicle which is commonly used as a means of commuting from one place to another. Motorcycles are considered as the most affordable and most common form of transport.
A good motorcycle rider’s goal should be to maintain the bike in peak operating order all the time and for many years. He should know the fundamental tips on motorcycle maintenance and cleaning. Thus, it is significant to have correct tools and equipments like cleaning cloth, quality oil, gloves, fuel stabilizer, spark plugs, and new oil filter to clean and maintain your motorcycle appropriately. Here are some general tips on motorcycle cleaning and maintenance that can be helpful to any bike owner:

Bike Owners Tips for Motorcycle Maintenance

  • Keeping a pocket gauge all the time would be a great idea to keep your bike tires in extravagant condition. You must check the inflation level every time you fuel up your motorcycle. You can avoid blown out situations by regularly monitoring tire pressure. One must keep in mind that failed tires in motorcycles are much dangerous than in a car and many times lead to serious injuries.
  • Executing an oil change proves to be a preventive maintenance task and is one of the excellent tips on motorcycle cleaning maintenance. Choose an appropriate grade of oil for your motorcycle. Oil is a cooling agent that helps the bike’s engine to stay cool, preventing it from overheating and provides the lubrication so that all the moving parts do their function properly. Check the oil before you go for a ride, also do a check for leaks and repair it immediately.
  • If you have a motorcycle that is chain driven, examine the chain and sprocket before each ride. You must do an in-depth examination once a month. Keep lubricating the chains after every ride. Keep a check on brake fluid levels and brake pads on regular basis. Never let the brake pads to wear down to such an extent that can put your life in danger.
  • The most important tip on motorcycle cleaning and maintenance is to know the parts which should come in contact of water and which parts should not. Protect the parts like speedometer, seat area, gauge cluster area, any switches or exposed electrical part during and before cleaning process. One must cover these sensitive parts with suitable material while cleaning and washing the bike.
  • Wheels, tyres and other lower areas must be pre-sprayed with a diluted cleaner or traffic film remover product, following a rinsing off process. After sufficient pre-cleaning and degreasing, motorcycle can be washed with a normal shampoo product by a soft wash mitt. During this process, do not allow the cleaning solution to dry.

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