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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How To Stop My Car Windows From Fogging Up Inside

With the weather getting colder and wetter the hinderence of getting in our cars first thing in the morning with frozen fogged up windows is apon us. This isn't great when your late for work. So what can you do to speed up and prevent the foggin up on your car windows. The frost on the outside can be cured with de-icer. Its best to buy de-icer in liquid form than to buy it in aerosol form. You'll get alot more for your money in liquid form. So your windscreen is de-iced but inside is fogged up. Most people if they are up very early in the morning will leave their car running on the drive whilst they get ready. This is a big no no. Theives now prey on people that do this as they have the keys and car already running, all they have to do is open the door and drive off. Your insurance doesn't cover you either if this was to happen. Their are fancy alarm add on's you can buy that will start your car from your alarm fob but still keeping your car locked and secure ( these are not good if your the type of person who leaves their car in gear all the time. ) its called auto start.

If your car steams up no matter what you do then here a few things you should do to prevent excess moisture building up and to maybe eliminate some factors. If you are always in a hurry and wipe the windscreen on the inside with a mit or tissue this could one of your problems. Doing this makes the windscreen extremely dirty and oil making it easier for the moisture to build up, so no sooner have you wiped it it steam up again. Try to avoid wiping your windscreen. Get some good window cleaner like Rain-x who specialise in water repelent and give all your windows a good clean inside and out. Rain-x do a windscreen repelent for the outside which I can not rate enough this stuff is excellent, it dramatically increases visibility on those drives when your windows wiper can't keep up. They also do a window cleaner this stuff is excellent also. By cleaning your windows you should dramatically reduce the moisture build up especially if you Rain-ex which has special additives to reduce moisture build up.

 If your heaters inside your car never get hot then your problem may be that your cars thermostat has gone. The job of the thermostat is to stop water circulating around the engine until it reaches a certain temprature, thus making the engine warm up quicker. This is not just a benefactor for your heaters but is so that your cars oil reaches its operating temprature quickly. So if your heaters just never get hot then yur car needs a new thermostat. These are very cheap to buy and pretty simply to change any mobile mechanic should be to change your thermostat in under and hour easily. Also feel your carpets for water or dampness if you suffer from your cars windows fogging up on rainy days even more than usual cold damp days, Check your footwell carpets. If they are excessivly wet then you may have a problem with your windscreen or crack/poor seal or your heater matrix is leaking. You can tell if your heater matrix is leaking as you will lose water in the header tank. A crack windscreen can be changed on your insurance if you are full comp.
The best thing to do is clean your windscreen with a good quality auto window cleaner like Rain-x and see if this reduces moisture build up. You will always get fogged up windows, older cars will suffer with it more due to them having less of everything. If your having problems with heat then you need to look more on the mechanical side of things and if your have water in the car then you'll never get rid of the fogging until you have cured the culprit. You can also buy 12 volt heater that plug straight in to your cars cigerette lighter socket and give instant heat.

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